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Michael Myers Meets The Walking Dead

I will for sure be on the lookout for the new footage from the upcoming HALLOWEEN (which is NOT the classic HALLOWEEN from the late 70s or the ill-advised Rob Zombie remake, also entitled HALLOWEEN—yes, it is confusing) set to debut on AMC, which also has a new commercial out featuring Michael Myers, the sinister slasher superstar from the aforementioned franchise, stomping through the territory of the fragrant undead of THE WALKING DEAD. This latter is meant to plug AMC’s annual “FearFest” event, which kicks off this Sunday, October 14th, with a HALLOWEEN marathon—and a new episode of THE WALKING DEAD. The new movie footage will air during the latter. You don’t have to wait to see the commercial, however. You can watch it here. It’s freakin’ sweet.

Makes me wonder, though; how would the zombies of TWD react to Michael? If it came down to a fight, sorry zombie-lovers, but Mikey would go through ‘em like a weedeater through crabgrass. What would be even creepier, though, is if they didn’t even notice him at all. Picture him walking past a horde of Walkers and they pay him no mind, almost as though he were one of them. How freaky would *that* be?

TheCheezman • October 19, 2018

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