Michael Stephenson of ‘Troll 2’ to Direct Vampire Film ‘Destroy’

The catch is, this isn’t actually a vampire movie. It’s a movie about a guy who has I guess, completely lost his marbles, who goes around Eastern Europe… killing harmless old men by pounding stakes through their hearts. And it’s directed, not by the -director- of Troll 2, but by the child star in Troll 2: you remember, the kid who pees all over the table in order to save his family from becoming goopy green troll food? The young Champion of Nilbog who hallucinated his dead grandfather every ten minutes, and forced his own father to starve his family as an act of discipline? Yep, Michael Stephenson. Last year he directed and wrote ‘Best Worst Movie’, which was a movie documentary following the production and making of Troll 2, which became a cult classic despite the fact that it was completely and totally ridiculous.

ShockTilYouDrop has more info on the new vampire, or non-vampire film, ‘Destroy’, directed by the kid from Troll 2:

Michael Stephenson, the child star of Troll 2 who showed his filmmaking talents with 2009’s Best Worst Movie, has his sights set on directing his first narrative. Stephenson will tackle Destroy for Magic Stone Productions.

In Destroy , vampires don’t exist, but that doesn’t stop well-intentioned would-be vampire hunter Steve Howard from leaving a trail of blood-splattered wooden stakes across Bavaria. While he thinks he’s saving the world, he and new assistant Elise are mistakenly murdering sweet, innocent old men.

Destroy‘s tone lands it somewhere between ’80s genre classics like An American Werewolf in London and contemporary comedies like Shaun of the Dead. The script is penned by Alamo Drafthouse lead programmer Zack Carlson and Bryan Connolly. The pair recently co-authored the internationally successful 2010 book “Destroy All Movies: The Complete Guide to Punks on Film.

I have to admit, I feel kind of bad for the old guys, but I can definitely see why it’s funny. And also funny because, the chances that someone this nuts is actually able to convince someone else, –his female assistant Elise, that vampires roam the earth in the guise of nice old men, –are microscopic. It’s sort of an odd spoof, but it makes sense: what if vampire movies really drove people to those lengths? Obviously there are weak-minded young adults out there committing acts of vampiric violence, –when is someone going to show up with a wooden stake to take out people they believe are vampires? Are they already out there? And are they that good at cleaning up their heinous crimes?

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