Midnight Sun: The Twilight Prequel

I don’t know why I’m just hearing about this now, but it seems as though there may be a prequel to Twilight called Midnight Sun. Of course, when I was first told of this, I started digging to find out more. Turns out, there is a book that Stephenie Meyer has started writing. It is called Midnight Sun and it is a prequel to Twilight. However, it’s not out on store shelves yet and when it will be is anyone’s guess at this point.

Midnight Sun essentially tells the story of Twilight again but from Edward’s point of view as opposed to Bella’s. Apparently, the book delves into things such as what Edward is thinking while he and Bella are lying down in the meadow, after he’s shown her his sparkly self for the first time, and what he’s thinking when he laughs sometimes in Twilight and Bella is confused as to why. The book is meant to give readers a better understanding of Edward’s character. So, why aren’t we all reading Midnight Sun as we speak?

It was this past summer that the first twelve chapters of Midnight Sun had been completed by Stephenie Meyer when it all got leaked onto the Internet. Stephenie is being very gracious about the leak, saying that it was accidental and that she was not pointing fingers or naming names. She even went so far as to provide the first twelve chapters on her website, in order to be fair to fans that had not received a leaked copy. (You can view it here.) But still, she also says that she just can’t write it at this time. It’s too ‘in the spotlight’ and Meyer says that she needs to ‘feel alone with the book’ before she can complete it. If that’s the case, we might never get to read it! This Twilight-tania is not going to die down anytime too soon. Also on her website, Meyer states that if she were to try to continue writing it now, “James would probably win and the Cullens would all die,” so the reason for the temporary hold of writing the book seems obvious. Still, I have glanced over the first couple of pages of Midnight Sun and it looks fabulous! Integral people associated with the movie, such as Catherine Hardwicke and Robert Pattinson, were allowed to see the manuscript while they were filming the movie, before any of it had been leaked online.

For those that have not yet received a leaked copy and would like to peruse a legally-obtained copy, check it out on Stephenie Meyer’s site and let us know what you think. Just please don’t make copies or redistribute it. It’s not very nice. Plus, it could push publication of Midnight Sun back who knows how much longer!


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  2. Loved all the Twilight books and heard that Midnight Sun had been leaked so thought I’d come to check it out and couldn’t believe that the chapters are here for everyone to read.

    Absolutely loved Midnight Sun. CAN NOT WAIT for you to finish it… and I’m hoping that it’ll go thru the entire series… would love that!!!

    1. i love the books because they are great and awesome i seen twilight and new moon i going to eclipse breaking dawn and midnight sun if that one comes out which my friend told me it is going to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      love ya awlays Edward Cullen and the rest of you Cullens

  3. I am absolutely hooked on the twilight saga. I have read all of the books and have seen twilight and new moon at least a dozen times, and can’t wait for eclipse and breaking dawn. Hope you finish Midnight sun soon, it is just as great as the others. I am getting ready to read them all again! Please give us more to look forward too.

  4. i have seen all three movies and going to see breaking dawn, ive read all the books and ilove midnight sun! i cannot wait for it to be published! it is deffianetly a book i would buy, and thats saying a lot in my opinion of twilight, PLZ stephenie, PLZ finish the book!

  5. me encanta la saga en libro en pelicula me da igual, y sol de medianoche me dejo con la angustia de que cuando termine todo que…….que vamos leer que vamos a ver por favor siga escribiendola no nos deje con la inquietud de ¿que es lo que piensa edward de bella? ¿còmo la ama mas como vampira o humana?

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