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Mini Vampire Myths

There are countless vampire myths and legends around the world and among them are a large number of different vampire species. The only problem is that some of these tales have faded over time and as a result we are left with only a crumb of information on each. So with that in mind today’s post is dedicated to those little-known vampires.

This vampires hales from southern Chili and it is described as a giant flying snake that makes peculiar whistling sounds. It is said that it’s gaze could petrify its intended victim. While the victim is trapped the peuchen would then be able to drink down their tasty blood. The only way to destroy this creature is to have a Machi (Mapuche Medicine Woman) take it down.

This Columbian vampire is for sure an odd one. She is a shapeshifter that takes on the form of a beautiful woman to lure her victims deep into the forests. Her true appearance is a hideous creature with one wooden leg that is shaped like a molinillo (a kind of whisk). Once she has lured a man to her she then feeds him shrimp that she has farted on, the shrimp then puts him into a kind of trance and this is when the tunda attacks and feeds on his blood and flesh.

Very little is known about this Bolivian vamp. What we do know is that it would take on the form of an helpless elderly traveler. When people would stop and offer the creature help the abchanchu would grasp them and feast on their blood.

A Filipino vampire that looks very similar to humans except for its incredibly long canine teeth. Amalanhig are actually Aswangs that never completed the full transformation. Instead they simply rise from their graves to kill humans by biting their necks. To escape from one of these monsters you need to run in a zigzag pattern since they can only walk in a straight line due to the stiffness of their body. You can also run into a body of water since Amalanhigs are afraid of deep bodies of water.

– Moonlight

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Moonlight • January 14, 2010

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    wow thats unusual but intresting!!!

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