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Before I get to the point of this post I’d like to point out that the cow pictured above looks fucking-crazy. Look at its eyes! They’re pits of evil… crazy soul sucking evil. Creepy cow. *glares at cow*

Anyway! Time to get to the vampires. As I am sure you probably guessed, cows are involved (no, sorry I don‘t randomly post cow pictures just for the hell of it). Today’s post is actually about a Romanian vampire species known as the strigoaica. This strange vampire is a bit different than other vampires since it doesn’t drink blood but instead feeds on the life-force of cows by sucking out their milk, leaving the animal with none left.

There is a story straight from Romanian folklore about a poor strigoaica who had no cow of her very own, so the lonely vampire was forced to keep a wooden cow in her house. She kept this wooden cow and filled it with the stolen milk of her neighbor’s cows. Odd story, but most folk tales are.

Then there is another story about the strigoaica, this one has some moral Christian elements mixed in.  It tells of the punishment waiting for thieving vamp, as she went to confession and guiltily told the priest that she had been taking powers and milk from other people’s cows. The angry priest ordered her to take some butter made from the milk and to smear it on a tree in the forest. Three days after she did this she was told to go back and see what had happened. When she returned to the tree she found that many types of creatures were in the butter, such as bugs, insects and snakes. She went back to the priest to tell him what she found; the priest then told the strigoaica that these creatures would suck her blood out in the next world, because she had stolen so much power in this one.

Lesson learned: Don’t fuck with cows.

– Moonlight

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Moonlight • January 31, 2010

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  1. vampires
  2. Kitty February 1, 2010 - 7:39 am Reply

    I see that my previous fear of cows was not as insane as people first thought!

    • Moonlight February 1, 2010 - 9:57 am Reply

      I used to be afraid of cows too! Until I lived in the country a while and learned that they’re just big dumb animals.

  3. Amanda Rocksalot
  4. Vampire 18 September 12, 2010 - 8:42 am Reply

    what is it about cows that old vampire myths love so much? i mean drinking only cattle blood? wouldnt that be like a human eating the same thing everyday?

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