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It can now be stated conclusively. Jonathan Breck, who portrays the Creeper in the JEEPERS CREEPERS films, is a vampire. Not saying he PLAYS a vampire. He IS a vampire. How else can it be explained that he hasn’t aged a single day since the original JEEPERS CREEPERS movie in 2001 and today? I saw an interview with him done back then, and there was a short interview aired along with JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 when it was released to theaters for one night only last month. HE LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME! A quick check of IMDB reveals that the guy is in his fifties! Yep. No doubt about it. Vampire.

In other Creeper-related news, an anonymous author over at reveals that a real-life murderer named Dennis DePue, and his creepy highway encounters with a pair of motorists, inspired the opening scenes of the original JEEPERS CREEPERS. The similarities are undeniable, not that writer/director Victor Salva HAS, to my knowledge, denied them. He just hasn’t officially confirmed them, either. Could it be a case of him having watched the episode of UNSOLVED MYSTERIES profiling the DePue case, then having forgotten about it, only for it to lodge in his subconscious and resurface during his writing of the screenplay for the first JEEPERS CREEPERS?

Back in 1991, when that episode of UNSOLVED MYSTERIES first aired, or, for that matter, when DePue murdered his wife a year earlier, I’m sure Jonathan Breck looked no different than he does today. The guy does not age!!!

And don’t forget: JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 will air on SyFy on October 28th and 29th!

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TheCheezman • October 27, 2017

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