More News on Underworld 4

Back in September, we told you about the possibility of an Underworld 4 movie being added to the infamous series of vampires fighting werewolves. Back then, the whole entire thing was just a big rumor and we didn’t even know if the film was coming out or not. But now we know, there is definitely a movie coming! When it will be, who will star in it, and just what kind of movie it will be exactly, are still all unknown. But there are still tons of rumors hitting on every element of the movie.

Kate Beckinsale, who takes on the role of Selene in the movies, was first adamant that she was not going to have any part of the new movie. But now it seems that she has been coerced into it by her husband, Len Wiseman, who’s directing the film. She’s still trying to downplay her role though. As the rumors have it, according to Bloody Disgusting, Kate wants to pass on the torch to her daughter, Lily Mo Sheen, who plays young Selene in Underworld: Evolution. Seeing as how it’s a whole family affair, I don’t think that will be a problem. But Kate’s part in the new movie will be itty bitty. As for details on Sheen’s role, we’ll have to wait and see on that one too.

There are also rumors that this new movie is going to take place in space…and that it’s going to be 3D. Lycans jumping right out at you, vampires about to sink their teeth into the nearest creature, all while the planets are orbiting and you’re sitting in the middle of it all munching away on popcorn. All sounds pretty good to me.

The movie also has a very, very tentative release date of January 21, 2011. And even though that’s still quite far away, it’s exciting to know that things are getting firmed up enough that the producers and directors are confident enough to give a release date at all!


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