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More than one Jack the Ripper?

I’m calling horseshit on this one. But it’s a provisional horseshit. There IS some evidence to suggest that Jack the Ripper might have had an accomplice. Last year I reported on one new theory that purported that three Jewish guys worked in tandem to carry out the murders and sow discord. It was an intriguing hypothesis, and I talked with the author about his research. He became a tad defensive when I refused to announce that his evidence was incontrovertible, though. Persuasive, yes, but not watertight.

Here, though, is a clickbaity list that posits, and I quote, “the killing styles were different with respect to some of the victims, indicating that they could not have been committed by the same man.” Horseshit. The profile of the killer, the crimes, clearly denotes the progression of a disintegrating psyche. Each crime became more violent than the previous one. The killer was building to something, something that occurred with the last known victim, when he had her to himself inside a closed room and effectively obliterated her body. This all conforms to the profile of a single killer suffering a growing mania, taking his victims as opportunity allowed. Even if he did have accomplices, I maintain that one guy was wielding the knife. One highly disturbed guy, consumed by a lust for blood that would make your standard vampire blanch.

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TheCheezman • November 14, 2017

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