More True Blood Goodies: The Cast’s Biggest Gross-Out Moments

Sure we all have our big moments of “OMFG EW” from True Blood. I think I have several. My biggest one, I think, is when Eric pics up that redneck and eats him from the torso. That was seriously just… eck. But! Have you ever wondered what the actors and actresses find truly and totally gross on the show? I mean, it might be bad for us, but imagine having to actually do it! Or see it firsthand, instead of on the screen. Although, in some cases, what they’re actually watching is action on a green screen… someone pantomiming a nasty activity. Which can be weird too. Especially on a public bus. But anyway, enough about my hobbies, let’s reach into the True Blood goodie bag, and see what’s in there.

XFinity reports on the True Blood cast’s biggest gross out moments:

Carrie Preston (Arlene Fowler): When Bill twists Lorena’s head around when they are having sex – the entire head. That was pretty gross.

Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica Hamby): When Eric bit the arm off of the guy Royce in the basement. I think it was the first episode, second season. It was pretty disgusting. I like that a lot.

Rutina Wesley (Tara Thornton): Bashing Franklin’s head in. That was gross, and a lot of fun to do.

Todd Lowe (Terry Bellefleur): Lafayette on that wheel and then somebody had to use the bathroom in a bucket in the back. That was a disgusting place.

Jim Parrack (Hoyt Fortenberry): I think when a redneck gets his hip bone pulled out by Eric in the beginning of [season] number two, the viscera and veins – that’s pretty gross.”

Chris Bauer (Andy Bellefleur): I love the gross moments the most. I like the blood vomiting. Early on when vampires have been killed, they puked up all this green power vomit stuff on people. I love that. I’m so sick, I loved when they showed Adele, the grandmother [dead]. She was the sweetest character and she was just gutted from top to bottom. How funny was that, though? The cat couldn’t go in the same room with her.

Marshall Allman (Tommy Mickens): When Tara bites the psycho vampire Franklin’s neck, I nearly puked. That was singularly the grossest moment on the entire show.”

First off, Chris Bauer is apparently some kind of psycho. Wow. Well, won’t be letting him babysit my kids EVER. And if I see him at the end of a long dark alley, I’m definitely pulling out the pepper spray. Actually… he may have inspired me to get a gun and a concealed carry permit. Creepy. Second, –I guess my big gross out was also everyone else’s, –although, I have to admit, I did gag when Bill twisted Lorena’s head around backwards. That was seriously eff’d up. That’s the PG version of what I said when I saw it. But seriously, Marshall Allman, the Mickens kid, –what movies do you watch? -That- was the grossest thing you could think of? What about when Sookie ran poor Talbot’s guts down the garbage disposal? So, how about you guys… what are your biggest “holy shit, ew” moments on TB?

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  2. When Bill twisted Lorena’s head around was probably the grossest one for me too. Although there are many other scenes that made me cringe and fast forward through.

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