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The fourth season of True Blood has been called “the season of the witch”; fans of the show are all kinds of bubbling over at the prospect of some serious magick being thrown around in the next season. The kind of magick strong enough to even take on the powerful vampire Eric Northman; notorious for being ancient, Eric is not a guy you want to see behind you in a dark alley. As we’ve seen Eric angry before, we all know that the chances are, he won’t just bite you… he’ll lift you up, rip you in half, and drink blood from the giant hole in your upper torso… you know, the hole where your lower body once was. So if a witch can make Eric loopy, that’s saying something. And most fans might remember where Arlene was at the end of the season, too; getting advice from a witch on how to get rid of her devil baby.

Well, if you’re wanting more sneak peeks into the new season, we got em, courtesy of’s reporting at PaleyFest. –SPOILER ALERT!:

Anna Paquin‘s Sookie will remain broken up with Bill, and possibly find herself romantically entangled with either Alcide or Eric.  Shock of the century.  She says:

There’s a certain thing about the men in Sookie’s life. Alcide doesn’t turn into a ball of charred fire during the daytime. Alcide has that nice warm thing going for him. But Alcide comes with some baggage, namely an ex-girlfriend who wants to kick the ever-loving s$%t out of Sookie.  And Eric’s a little problematic for Sookie. He’s caused her some problems and he’s mostly looking out for himself a lot of the time but then he sometimes presents himself to be disarmingly on her side. And he’s consistently has shown interest, which they could act upon, I mean, you never know.”

With regards to Bill’s reaction and the couple’s future, writer Alan Ball says that “I do think, for them to get back together, it’s a journey. It’s not going to happen fast. I think the betrayal, or what she perceives as a betrayal, is so deep that I don’t think there’s an easy way back from that.”

As for Jason, Sookie’s loveable screw-up of a brother?  This season sees Jason taking on the mantle of both Sheriff’s Deputy and caretaker of the were-panthers’ Hotshot, as well as seeing involvement from both a new love interest and the returning Crystal Norris.  Oh, and did we mention that Jason himself might get turned by the were-panthers, as in the books?!  Gasp!

Hoyt and Jessica might see a breakup of their own, as Deborah Ann Woll points out that “The fairytale can’t go on forever, but maybe reality is better.  For both of us it was about being young and experience and scared of the world.”

Guest stars for the coming season will include the nudity-prone wife of Brandon Routh, Courtney Ford (Dexter) as Detective Bellefleur’s lawyer sister Portia, Fiona Shaw (Harry Potter‘s Petunia Dursely) [sic] as the season’s main villain fortune-teller Marnie, Office Space’s Gary Cole and possibly even the return of Denis O’Hare’s King Russell.

Those are definitely some serious peeks into the future of True Blood, and I have to say, I’m kind of satisfied with the news that Jason might get turned by the werepanthers, because, duh, that’s what’s supposed to happen. Naturally, I love the deviations from the books, it keeps things exciting. But I want the show to still be at least remotely similar to the great story we fell in love with in the books. And “Petunia Dursley” as the main villain? Holy shit, that’s hilarious. Fiona Shaw doesn’t really strike you as terrifying, in the adult sense, –she’s more of a nightmarish aunt, or evil stepmother. Like, the kind of woman who sneers at kids and takes money out of the collection plate. Basically, the evil housewife who can justify anything obviously wrong with either religion or moral laws. She’s going to make a great villain.

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