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Most Terrifying Vampire Tales From Across the Pond

Allow me to encapsulate this site for you by listing, sans ads, pop-ups, or page changes, those stories selected by the authors of that there site. They are, in order of list-ation, (1) the Vampire of Berwick: in the HISTORIA RERUM (not “redrum” although that would be appropriate) ANGLICARUM, historian William of Newburgh wrote of this vampire haunting from the 12th Century; (2) the Hunchbacked Vampire of Alnico: from the same source. After Quasimodo died at the end of THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME he returned to seek his revenge on hypocritical clergymen as a vampire. How he got to England from France is unknown. (3) The Croglin Grange Vampire: you’ve heard of this one, for sure. It may have inspired the Penny Dreadful VARNEY THE VAMPIRE, or vice-versa. (4) The Blandford Vampire: winner of the award for least-intimidating name; a suicide by the name of William Doggett (not getting much better in the name department, is it?) was said to return from the grave and charge through the town of Blandford in Dorset aboard a black stagecoach pulled by black demon horses—so he gets points for style if not for his title; (5) the Surrey Vampire: in 1938, a woman claimed to have been attacked by a flying vampire. And (6) The Vampire of Birmingham: in 2005 several people dialed up the coppers claiming that a vampire was on the loose. Local newspapers investigated and concluded the whole thing was nothing more than an urban legend. Spoilsports.

A cool little list, though, featuring some more obscure vampire lore. Should inspire hours of google searches, if one wants to really nail down the details.

TheCheezman • August 6, 2019

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