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Movie Review: 3 FROM HELL

There probably shouldn’t have been a sequel to THE DEVIL’S REJECTS. It was too perfect as is, the story complete, ending in a poetic and, strangely, violently beautiful manner. But if there had to be a sequel to that movie, it shouldn’t have been done without Sid Haig. Any such sequel to the former movie would feel empty without Sid. While Sid Haig is given a cameo in the movie and then written out of the story (Captain Spaulding is executed in prison), it would have made more sense to just have his character die at the end of THE DEVIL’S REJECTS. But then it would have made sense to have all three members of the Firefly clan die in that shootout, as it strains credibility that they survived.

But if there had to be a sequel to THE DEVIL’S REJECTS, and if that sequel had to be made without the involvement of Sid Haig (who was, in case anyone doesn’t know, too ill to be there and who died shortly after the film opened), then 3 FROM HELL is the best possible movie that could have been made under those circumstances. Richard Brake as the previously unknown member of the Firefly family, Foxy Coltrane, is freakishly good in his role, I really enjoyed Sherri Moon Zombie’s batshit-crazy Baby Firefly this time out, and Bill Moseley is excellent as always. But there’s still a gap in the film left by the absence of Haig’s Captain Spaulding that keeps it from attaining the level of quality of its predecessor. But given how hit-or-miss Rob Zombie movies are, this one qualifies as a hit.

Look for cameo appearances by Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney, too! (You’ll see.)

TheCheezman • December 1, 2019

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