Movie Review: CANDYMAN

My expectations were high going in to this one, and not just because it’s been years since we got a Candyman movie, and many more years since we got a *good* Candyman movie (hint: there’s only been one good one). Not just because we were supposed to get to see this new CANDYMAN last year before the ‘Rona screwed that up. I have a history with Candyman the same as I do with Jason, Freddy, Michael, Leatherface, and Pinhead. When the original CANDYMAN opened around Halloween of 1992, I had just turned 21 years old. I had a mullet and a leather biker’s jacket (no motorcycle, but I had the jacket), tons of attitude and little in the way of social skills, a big hooptie, and a love for Horror that had carried over from my childhood. It was the 90s. Gone was the innocence of the 80s, the innocence of my childhood. The times, just like me, were lean and mean. And here was this new Horror villain, likewise lean and mean, leaner and meaner than any of them. A new Horror icon for a new day. I ate that -ish up like it was ice cream—or candy.

So yeah, I went in expecting a lot out of this new CANDYMAN. It more than lived up to my expectations. This movie is soooooo f*cking good. I don’t get all this referring to it as a “spiritual sequel”, though. It’s a straight-up sequel. It picks up where the original left off, 29 years later, and it fits perfectly within the world created by the first one. And while it makes you wait until the very end for you to see that certain someone to show up, it’s worth it.

By TheCheezman

WAYNE MILLER is the owner and creative director of EVIL CHEEZ PRODUCTIONS, specializing in theatrical performances and haunted attractions. He has written, produced, and directed (and occasionally acted in) over two dozen plays, most of them in the Horror and True Crime genres. He obtained a doctorate in Occult Studies from Miskatonic University and is an active paranormal investigator. Is frequently told he resembles Anton Lavey. And Ming the Merciless. Denn die totden reiten schnell!


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