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Movie Review: CREEPSHOW 2

George Romero only wrote the screenplay for this one, basing the three installment stories on works by Stephen King, who was otherwise not involved, except to appear in a cameo. Michael Gornick, who worked as cinematographer on the original film, took over as director on this one. CREEPSHOW 2 is not as much fun as the first one, but it still has charms all its own. Of the three stories—OL’ CHIEF WOOD’NHEAD, THE RAFT, and THE HITCHHIKER—my favorite was the second installment, as it is the most properly a “monster story.” The third segment, though the only one to feature a vengeful revenant, was my least favorite. The first one had the feel of an 80s slasher flick with a supernatural vibe. Of the three, it had the most legs, I think. They could have brought Chief Wood’nhead back for an encore had they wanted to. Too bad they didn’t follow up on it.

CREEPSHOW 2, unlike its predecessor, which had five segments, only offers us three. This was due to budgetary constraints, i.e. the studio wouldn’t pay for them to keep filming. One of those scrapped segments would end up used in 1990’s TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE: THE MOVIE (which Tom Savini called “Creepshow 3”). Had they ever made a sequel to that latter film, it would have featured the second segment cut from CREEPSHOW 2.

TheCheezman • June 29, 2020

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