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Movie Review: GHOST SHARK

In the week building up to the premiere of the latest SHARKNADO movie, SyFy was running every cheesy shark-related Horror flick it could get its hands on. Among these was GHOST SHARK, a movie I had heard about before and wanted to see, but one that wasn’t available on Netflix and I never got around to buying. Tonight I watched it, and it was everything that I expected and hoped that it would be. It was terrible. In the best possible way.

It qualifies for mention here because of its plot. I should probably put that in parenthesis. “Plot.” Or perhaps I should say the PREMISE, as there really isn’t much of a plot, more than can be gleaned from the movie’s title. The PREMISE is basically that of John Carpenter’s THE FOG, except with the vengeful ghost of a shark instead of the vengeful ghosts of pirates. It seems there was this colony originally located where the town now sits (the town that serves as the setting for the movie, I mean), and some kind of plague broke out. The desperate villagers took those who were sick to this cave and executed them. This caused a build-up of bad juju, and anyone who died in that cave rose from the dead to seek reprisal. When a redneck mortally wounds a shark, and said shark then swims into the cave where it expires, there you go. Instant plot. Factor in that the ghost shark can appear and disappear in water of any sort—a car wash, a swimming pool, a bathtub, inside a library when the sprinklers are activated—and the recipe is complete. I do think the movie would have been funnier had they played it more straight, treated it like a serious Horror drama, letting the absurdity of the premise “speak for itself” the way the best parodies manage. Even so, it’s still a pleasant diversion. Sure it’s ridiculous. But it’s dumb fun, satisfying, if you’re in the mood for some cinematic junk food.

TheCheezman • August 28, 2018

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