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Generally speaking, I go into it skeptical when a movie is rushed through production, a sequel appearing the year following its predecessor. This doesn’t apply to movies that are filmed sequentially, as was the case with the THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy. Those are meant to be released thataways. But if a movie is created whole-cloth and put into theaters in a mere year, there’s always the suspicion on my part that corners were cut, that quality will suffer. I lost interest in the SAW franchise, despite the original being so spectacular, for this reason. Same with PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. Crank ‘em out, grind ‘em out, assembly-line filmmaking. I’m not a fan.

HAPPY DEATH DAY2U is a happy exception to this rule, being just as much fun as the first one in the series. The only way I can see that they could have done a sequel was to explain why, exactly, the “time loop” was occurring, which is what they did, and the script is clever enough to make it credible. Then having the performances of star Jessica Rothe and the rest of the cast to ground it and lend it gravitas guarantees a success. Rothe in particular is fantastic. She has charm in spades, and gets to display some serious acting chops this time around, too. I hope she takes advantage of the opportunity afforded by the HAPPY DEATH DAY films to boost herself into a career as a modern scream queen. Dance with the one what brung ya, Jessica! That would be my advice. The world needs another Jamie Lee Curtis.

HAPPY DEATH DAY2U is well worth your time and the price of a ticket. Go see it.

TheCheezman • February 18, 2019

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