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Movie Review: OVERLORD

Go see it. Hard work and dedication should be rewarded. When far too many studious crank out projects with no care given whatsoever regarding the quality of their work, with the only thing they care about being the making of a quick buck, to then have a group of creators actually care about the movie they’re putting out for the world to see, we, the audience, should show our appreciation. OVERLORD is a tight little Horror movie, technically flawless, and it delivers the goods. You get your money’s worth in entertainment. I’d had some concern for the Horror movie that had to follow the magnificent new HALLOWEEN into the theater, but OVERLORD holds its own.

If you don’t like war movies, you should be aware that, for its first half, OVERLORD is just that, a war movie, and a brutal one. Then the switch gets thrown and it becomes straight-up Horror. Nazis are performing experiments on the population of a small French village, trying to perfect a formula that resurrects the dead. Yup, that equates to Nazi Zombies. Simple premise, but the quality is all in the execution. There’s everything here that a zombie mark could want (except maybe more zombies, but you can always say that): blood, subtext, good acting, more blood. Like I said, go see it.

TheCheezman • November 14, 2018

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