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Movie Review: PET SEMATARY

When IT had the biggest opening of all time for an R-rated movie in 2017, we knew there’d be a whole slew of previously existent Stephen King projects getting remade. PET SEMATARY was the first one out the gate, and was destined to either continue the tradition of excellence established by IT or sink it right here at the beginning. Which did it achieve? King fans can relax, as PET SEMATARY is damn good, as good as the newest IT and better than the 1989 original of the same name. The acting is excellent, in particular from John Lithgow and young Jeté Laurence, the story is tight, and the film is beautiful to look at in its stark ugliness. It’s a winner.

My only complaints, which are minor, involve not what we were given but what we weren’t. In short, I wanted just a little bit more. The third act felt a tad rushed. I could have done with some more build-up. I would’ve enjoyed more of the antics of Church the undead cat. For that matter, I say they should give Church his own movie. Think about it: a new family, unsuspecting, moves into the neighborhood near the pet sematary. They have a little girl, who befriends this disheveled stray cat that just shows up one day, convincing the hapless parents to let her keep it. Hijinks ensue. You know you’d watch that.

(If I’m honest, though, I think the cat from the 1989 movie, like Tim Curry’s Pennywise in the original IT, was scarier than the new one.)

But back to the movie. I’m gonna give it a good solid A-. I’m still not sure about that ending, though…

TheCheezman • April 6, 2019

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