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I’ll give you the good stuff upfront. The dialogue is snappy. The script is overall decent, excepting the opening scene, which is ham-fisted and stupid, and the ending, which doesn’t exist. The performances are good. And the movie is chockfull of practical (if a tad fakey-looking) gore effects. And, as in the canonical PUPPET MASTER II, the titular Andre Toulon himself is resurrected from the dead as a zombie with a decidedly evil nature (this could be explained in PUPPET MASTER II by stating that the heroic Toulon was reborn lacking a soul), although he’s a much nastier and less personable revenant in this latest effort.

Actually, much nastier and less personable could well describe PUPPET MASTER: THE LITTLEST REICH overall.

In all the Full Moon PUPPET MASTER movies, as silly as they can get, the Puppets each have distinct personalities. In this latest film, they all blend together and they’re all bland. Just miniature killing machines with no individuality. But that’s not the film’s biggest flaw.

Far be it from me to take any PUPPET MASTER movie too seriously, but I did find it distasteful to depict the character of Andre Toulon, who has always been portrayed as Jewish and as fighting against Nazis, *as* a Nazi. And there are numerous instances in this film of envelope-pushing for no other reason than the sake of envelope-pushing. There’s no point to it, other than to try to be offensive, hoping that somebody, somewhere *will* take offense. I wasn’t offended. It just struck me as tacky, and a tad desperate.

PUPPET MASTER: THE LITTLEST REICH is not a good movie. And, a far more serious sin to commit, it isn’t any fun, either, which is the one thing any successful PUPPET MASTER movie has to be. Skip this one—or wait until they do a mashup with it and the original Puppets, who would totally kick some little Nazi Puppet ass. Paging Charles Band!

TheCheezman • March 1, 2019

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