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Movie Review: READY OR NOT

There is a supernatural component to this nifty little thriller that wasn’t evident from watching the trailers. If you saw the latter, you saw that a newlywed bride is being hunted by her new in-laws, who are trying—unsuccessfully—to kill her. That alone is a sufficient setup to let you know this is a film worth watching, but it doesn’t explain *why* the inept in-laws want to kill the blushing beauty. (One assumes Margot Robbie was unavailable, so they went with lookalike and fellow Aussie—and neice of Hugo Weaving—Samara Weaving.) Turns out the family has made the proverbial deal with the devil. That’s why they’re so stinkin’ rich. But every once in a while, they have to offer a blood sacrifice to keep the deal in place. If they don’t kill the new bride by sunrise, they die. No, they don’t crumble into dust, like vampires. Something worse happens to them. Worse, and far more humorous.

READY OR NOT is a sheer delight. The blackest of black comedies, it succeeds as only the best examples of the subgenre can, achieving the perfect balance between gore, gravitas, and hilarity. This one deserves to be seen in the theater.

TheCheezman • September 12, 2019

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