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I’m pretty damn hard to please when it comes to movies. I’m a cinephile and I demand quality. Mine is a discerning palate, and I loved this movie. Adored it. I found it poetic, perfect, delightful. Not that any of you out there need my stamp of approval to go see it. Or maybe one or two of you will be nudged off the fence by what I write here. I dunno. I commented in a separate post about STAR WARS fandom. (Look for it.) And I just now told you that the new movie is great, and magical. But this is a site dedicated to vampires and to things that should be of interest to vampires. While I would dare to say that almost everyone in the Horror community also loves STAR WARS—as a little boy I remember seeing STAR WARS covered extensively in FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND—I don’t want to belabor the point.

Let’s talk about that Emperor, then. Palpatine. Darth Sidious. How creepy did he look, huh? Very zombielike, with the rotting fingers and slowly sloughing-off face and devil eyes. While I would have loved to have seen a zombie Darth Vader, too, for just an instant, a cameo appearance, to have him show up in a vision and talk to Ren (it would really be the Emperor, of course, seeking to manipulate him). But we’ll take our revenants where we can get ‘em.

TheCheezman • December 27, 2019

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