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Subtext. In a kid’s cartoon. Believe it or not. The themes of individuality in conflict with uniformity; bullying, including cyber-bullying; the way in which people today are so easily led around like sheep, manipulated by social media; the dangers of fake reporting and simply believing everything you see online; xenophobia, perhaps even racism; gentrification. In a kid’s cartoon. Color me impressed. I had been on the fence about going to see this one. I watched the TV series in syndication when I was a little boy, but I never saw either of the two live-action movies. I couldn’t say I was much of a fan. But I’m really glad I went to watch this new flick, and I’m pleased to say that I am a fan now.

Then there’s the artwork. They went back to creator Charles Addams’s original designs for the look of the characters and the aesthetic, and the results are ghoulishly gorgeous. This film needs to be seen and appreciated on the big screen.

There’s only one flaw in the gemstone. The movie’s villain, not just a bad person but a criminal, escapes without much of a comeuppance. This was a mistake made by the writers and it speaks of laziness. It’s a shame because it’s a blemish on an otherwise fantastic little movie. Grade: A-. I drop ‘em almost a letter-grade because they fumbled with their villain.

Your illustrious host at the picture show.

TheCheezman • October 17, 2019

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