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I’m not sure that a movie that managed to get nominated for an Oscar despite its landing on the wrong side of the #metoo movement really needs my help, needs for me to tell you all how good it is. After viewing it, I felt really saddened by the whole thing with James Franco. He is brilliant in this film, his performance scary good. It’s a shame that he let his own bad behavior, IF he is guilty, keep him from the nominations for Best Actor and Best Director that he rightfully deserved. For those who don’t know, the accusations, which he denies, are that he coerced some actresses into doing nude and sexually explicit scenes with him in a class he taught, but we must presume he is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Even if one believes he is guilty, however, that does not diminish his achievements with this film.

As for why we are talking about THE DISASTER ARTIST on a site dedicated to vampires, savvy readers will already know that, according to Greg Sestero, Tommy Wiseau had originally planned for his character in THE ROOM, Johnny, to be a vampire. The only reason this plot point was abandoned was because Wiseau couldn’t figure out how to do a scene wherein Johnny’s car flies off a rooftop. Wiseau is said to be obsessed with vampires, and there are even folks who believe Wiseau himself is a vampire! He IS said to have almost superhuman strength (according to Sestero). And he certainly looks the part.

TheCheezman • October 4, 2018

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