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I’d thought this one looked interesting based on the trailers but I never got around to seeing it in the theaters. The weekend after Black Friday I was in the local Walmart and they still had some of their Black Friday specials out for sale, including this big bin of DVDs. I happened to see that they had THE KID WHO WOULD BE KING for two bucks so I grabbed it up. It was well worth the price I paid. Worth several times what I paid for it, in fact. The movie is even more entertaining than the trailer made it appear. Charming in the same way, the same “vibe,” that THE PRINCESS BRIDE is charming, this movie can be enjoyed even if one isn’t a fan of Arthurian legend (which admittedly I am).

For the Horror marks, the film offers the “Mortes Milles”, revenant warriors composed of bone and flame, the souls of dead warriors in thrall to Morgana le Fey who can only appear after dark. (The undead warriors, I mean, not Morgana.) These guys aren’t the most formidable of baddies—they aren’t Tolkien’s Ringwraiths—but they look really cool (sorta like the zombie sailors in THE FOG only without the sailor’s hats) and they do get a decent amount of screen time. Morgana’s pretty cool (and hot) too.

TheCheezman • December 18, 2019

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