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Movie Review: THE NUN

Now you all know I never would consult a commoner critic when it comes to a genre movie. Only a geek critic can be expected to give a halfway accurate appraisal of a Horror flick, and even then you aren’t guaranteed a quality recommendation. Before going to see THE NUN this weekend, I consulted my old stand-bys, the Horror sites that I have learned to trust because most of the time they provide accurate reviews. Yet with this film, opinions are, even amongst the geek sources, varied (though mostly positive). I honestly don’t understand what the gripe is from those who didn’t like it, because THE NUN is solid as a rock. It ranks alongside the second of the THE CONJURING films and the sequel to ANNABELLE as comprising the best offerings from the franchise.

It has atmosphere in spades, gorgeous location filming (look for me to comment on this more in a separate article this week), quality acting, a sound storyline, and, while I can’t with accuracy guarantee that it is scary, as NO movie ever scares me, I can tell you that it’s creepy as all get-out. I can also tell you there were a lot of screams from my fellow viewers in the theater, and these latter not just the giggly teenagers one would expect to hear screaming at any ol’ silly jump-scare. This is a Horror flick for a thinking person, a person who enjoys the artistry of cinema, and yet at the same time it loses none of the fun, the sense of thrill-ride excitement, necessary to make it palatable to the mainstream Horror geek and not just the connoisseur.

Go see THE NUN. Anyone who tells you it isn’t worth seeing on the big screen is just plain wrong.

TheCheezman • September 10, 2018

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