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You can’t judge a book by its cover, and you can’t judge a movie by its trailer. Based on the previews, this one looked really good. And it really isn’t. Which is not to say it’s out-and-out lousy. What it *is* is generic. Paint-by-numbers. Phoned-in. Run-of-the-mill. Nothing new, fresh, innovative. While this last criticism need not be the kiss of death for a film–sometimes a standard work, if executed competently, can still be worthwhile–here everything is done by rote with the end result feeling, for lack of a better word, lazy. The path of least resistance was taken. “By imitating Horror movies that made money, maybe we can make money!” seems to be the formula that was followed. It didn’t work, as the movie tanked at the box office, but that was the tack they tried.

Remember THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE? Fantastic film. This movie is like an inferior carbon copy of that one, except where the former went for suspense, with deliberate pacing and building atmosphere, this one just jumps right in. So, so much more effective when you *don’t* see the dead body getting up and moving around from the beginning. Save the money shot. But THE POSSESSION OF HANNAH GRACE goes right to dessert and spoils your appetite in the process. I was really disappointed by this one.

Just skip this one and watch THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE again, is my recommendation.

TheCheezman • December 13, 2018

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