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Movie Review: TRIANGLE

How did I miss this one? This movie came out eleven years ago. No way should it have gotten lost in the shuffle. It’s fantastic. Quality performances across the board, and what a script! Intelligent Horror is such a rarity, examples of it ought to shine like the stars atop Christmas trees. Maybe there are, relatively speaking, enough such stars that it’s hard for any one film to stand out without something to exploit to make it stand out. A big name star, for example, or big budget FX. TRIANGLE has none of that (unless you count a still wet-behind-the-ears Liam Hemsworth). It must settle for simply being a fantastic, smart supernatural thriller.

I don’t want to give too much away in terms of the plot. It involves a shipwreck and a ghost ship, and…we’ll leave it at that. Ostensibly this one takes place in the Bermuda Triangle, which is the first thing most folks think of when they hear the word “triangle.” (I actually think first of this little mom-and-pop restaurant called The Triangle I used to go to as a kid, that served amazing milkshakes, but the Bermuda Triangle is a close second.) And maybe it is the influence of the Bermuda Triangle that causes what happens to happen. The movie would work just as well, though, if you take the Triangle out of it altogether. It’s just a spooky good ghost story—only without ghosts. You’ll see.

TheCheezman • May 17, 2020

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