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I’m all excited about the new TERMINATOR movie, which opened this past weekend, but I had to take care of first things first. I hadn’t seen ZOMBIELAND: DOUBLE TAP yet. Also, the latter film made for more appropriate viewing for the third day of Halloween (y’all know it’s a season, right, just like Christmas?), which was also Dia de los Muertos. As good as I’m hoping the new TERMINATOR flick will be, and I’m hearing it is, I’m so glad I caught ZOMBIELAND: DOUBLE TAP first.

There’s really not much that I need to say here, other than that if you loved the first ZOMBIELAND you will love this one. It is just as charming, just as funny, just as entertaining, and just as stuffed with zombie mayhem as its predecessor. In fact I daresay ZOMBIELAND: DOUBLE TAP (magnificent title, here) might even be the superior film. I loved it. Loved everything about it. The emotional evolution of the characters from the first film through to now is handled perfectly, and the satire is acerbic and brilliant. (There’s a dig at THE WALKING DEAD that had me laughing harder than I really should have.) And the way they brought Bill Murray back. Genius, man. Pure genius.

TheCheezman • November 11, 2019

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