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Moving Tut

If I were put under oath and had to give an honest answer as to whether or not I believe in the Curse of King Tut’s Tomb, I’d have to go with “probably not.” But I’d put the emphasis on the “probably” part. If there was a curse it was an awfully inconsistent one. It spared archaeologist Howard Carter, the guy who actually broke into Tut’s tomb and handled the mummy in a rather indelicate way, but jumped over to England to get his sponsor, Lord Carnarvon. It didn’t get the little Egyptian kid who was technically the first to set foot inside, but it got others who were only tangentially connected, if that much, to the opening of the tomb. Probably it was JUST coincidence—probably—but there WERE some mysterious occurrences and creepy coincidences connected to the tomb’s discovery. That’s why I could only answer “probably” instead of “absolutely.”

There’ve been other outbreaks of unusual happenings and freakish coincidences, too. The last time such things happened? The last time Tutankhamen was moved. Now there’s talk of moving him again. Okay, not him, specifically, but some of his stuff. Will this reactivate the curse, if there is a curse? For that matter, is the moron who broke the beard off Tut’s mask and then tried to superglue it back on still alive?

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TheCheezman • May 18, 2017

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