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There’s a new exhibit at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles entitled “Natural History of Horror.” It will run through April of 2020, which is unfortunately a narrow window for folks like me, folks who would dearly love to visit but, well, LA is a long drive from where I am and my schedule is full-up already. What can you expect to see at this exhibit? You can see a little bit of the goodness here. Man I need to go to this thing.

Meanwhile, Bela Lugosi’s cape from DRACULA will be on display at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures when it opens in 2020. This is the actual cape he wore during the filming of DRACULA. Wait, I bet you’re thinking. Wasn’t Bela buried in that cape? You would be right. He was. As for how the cape is now going to be on display at the museum, Bela decided to donate it, so that it could be appreciated by posterity. (Actually the one Bela was buried in was from the stage production of DRACULA. This is the one from the movie we’re talking about. But I like my version better, don’t you?)

The Academy Museum is also located in Los Angeles. Dammit.

TheCheezman • October 28, 2019

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