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My Belles

During this time of quarantine, Theatre companies have had to get creative insofar as delivering new entertainment to the masses is concerned, as have performers had to get creative in finding ways to scratch their peculiar itch to put on shows. Both needs have been met, to some extent, via the Internet. Theatre companies and actors are now streaming live performances online through apps like Zoom. Recently my friend and fellow author Nina Soden asked me if she could direct a production of my play THE BELLES OF WHITECHAPEL: THE VICTIMS OF JACK THE RIPPER SPEAK. I was honored to say yes. Nina appeared in the show the first time it was staged, when I myself directed it, in the role of Mary Kelly, which she reprised for this virtual production. It’s presented here, as it was originally, free of charge to anyone who’d like to check it out. I hope you do. I’m pretty proud of this work.

Doing Theatre via Zoom or on YouTube while maintaining social distancing means there are certain things that one *cannot* do. You can’t have much in the way of action, for example. That’s why I thought, and obviously Nina thought, this particular show would be a good fit for the format. THE BELLES OF WHITECHAPEL is a series of monologues, in which each of the victims of the world’s most infamous serial killer tells her own story. I felt that these women too often have been relegated to mere numbers—Victim Number One, Victim Number Two, etc.—and I wanted to give them back their own identities. I hope I did right by them. I know these actresses did.

Check out all the monologues by clicking here. Ripper enthusiasts are sure to enjoy the mixture of drama and conjecture. Anyone who fancies good acting will appreciate the performances.

TheCheezman • June 8, 2020

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