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My Night With The Spirits, Part Two

If you haven’t read the first in this series of articles, you need to go do that first.

You back? Good. Moving on.

I want to stress the professionalism of the folks with the Tuscaloosa Paranormal Research Group. They arrived exactly on time, with several vehicles and some $60,000 worth of high-tech equipment. (These folks are for real, yo!)

It took them well over an hour to get everything unloaded and set up. There were cameras and sensors in every room. Everyone was connected by closed-circuit radio, and they were careful in the extreme to keep silent, and to document each and every noise. If a chair creaked because someone shifted, they’d announce “That was me,” lest anyone later attribute it to some supernatural agent. All the lights in the House were extinguished, although infrared lamps were flooding the place with light invisible to the human eye the entire time. The group split up, and we went to separate rooms to begin.

As of this writing, all the hours of audio and video footage have not been painstakingly examined, so it is indeed possible that MORE in the way of evidence will present itself. If it does, I will of course let you know. As it stands, there is already a ream of evidence that, while not enough to convince any hardline skeptic, will certainly be of interest to the layman, and WAS more than enough to convince your open-minded yet chronically skeptical narrator.

Let’s begin with the LEAST persuasive evidence: EVPs, or “electronic voice phenomenon.” Investigators will ask questions, then wait in silence for several seconds. When audio recordings of the sessions are played back, there are sometimes words on the recordings that were never spoken aloud by anyone present. I can personally attest that, when one member was chastised by the guy in the “control room” for talking when he was supposed to be quiet

–“Stop talking!” the controller said, and everyone did–I can personally attest that no one then said anything for the next minute or so. Yet when the audio recording was played, immediately after the order to “Stop Talking!” was issued, a male voice very clearly responded with its own command: “Talk!” This was not an echo. It was not a repeat of the initial comment. It was a different voice. And it was only discernible on the recording. Folks, I can assure you, NOBODY said that. At least, nobody who we could SEE.

Another EVP occurred after one of the investigators paused. It was a silly, almost cartoonish “Wooooooooooo!” Nobody in the House or outside it made that sound. It was only on the recording. What’s really interesting is that my theatrical troupe is currently rehearsing my upcoming play, SHIVERS: A PLAY FOR CHILDREN, wherein one of the actresses portrays a ghost, and she makes that exact same sound! I was told by the folks with the TPRG that it isn’t uncommon for spirits to mimic things they “hear” at a location. Were the spirits mimicking my actress?

By far the most impressive evidence, though, involved me personally. Check out the third installment of this series to read all about it.

TheCheezman • February 21, 2018

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