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My Recipe Journey: Vampire Cookies!

“This is a butter cookie filled with your choice of any red jam.”  

I don’t think I’ve ever attempted a jam filled, –or anything filled, cookie before. I always worry I’m going to destroy the really delicate stuff. I have however, tried to make a butter cookie before, and it didn’t come out right. I suggest following the recipe exactly; some changes have been made to the original recipe, btw, so you might consider using the original, which is linked to on the source site, –it’s from, and called for more butter originally, and less jam.

There is rolling out, –so you need a good wine bottle or an actual rolling pin, and you’ll also need round cookie cutters. The photo is black and white, but they still look delicious; oh, and just as a tip, –you should use raspberry jam, not just “any” red jam, –it’s the darkest color, and strawberry jam or preserves, often has large chunks of berry in it. Raspberry has the berries, but in much smaller pureed bits. Seeded is better than seedless, –or you can use Polaner’s brand of preserves, –I find it often has a little less sugar. 


annimi • April 3, 2015

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