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Nashville Nightmare’s “Love Bites: A Valentine’s Haunted House”

Seems like I was just there.

I mean, I *was* just there. But while I was there it seemed like I was just there. See, I last visited NASHVILLE NIGHTMARE for their Krampus-themed holiday haunted attraction “A Haunted Christmas.” Man, I love how Horror isn’t just for Halloween anymore! And as a guy who always hated Valentine’s Day, and still does hate Valentine’s Day in its original form—

(You wanna talk about “cultural appropriation,” howzabout what the greeting card companies and the florists have done to Lupercalia, huh? Or the legend of St. Valentine, the Christian martyr who was bloodily murdered and beheaded, interred and then disinterred after he’d gotten good and ripe, and never once said anything about guys having to buy their significant others boxes of overpriced chocolates! But I digress…No, wait. Seems to me this new trend of putting some Horror into Valentine’s Day is much more in keeping with the historicity of the day than is saccharine sentimentality. They’re not putting Horror into Valentine’s Day. They’re putting Horror *back* into Valentine’s Day!)—

Yeah, I dig celebrating “bloody” Valentine’s. And a bloody Valentine’s event focusing specifically on vampires? Hell yes, please!

Check out some cool video vignettes from the attraction here.

TheCheezman • February 17, 2019

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