Need a Little Help with the Vampire Lifestyle?

Being a vampire is tough. From feeling the change, to learning how to interact with people, and reestablishing what were once common routines, all of course while trying to maintain some of your past relationships in a somewhat normal fashion, it’s no wonder that real vampires, or sanguinarians, sometimes have trouble adapting to their new lifestyle. For those who are finding that they are having these kinds of troubles in their new life, or just have never really adjusted to the life that they have always known, there is hope! It’s a book written by Lady CG, who has been living the life actively since she was 18 years old, and it’s titled Practical Vampyrism for Modern Vampyres.

The book is Lady CG’s attempt to make it easier on young vampires who are just adjusting to the life. In an interview that you can read here, Lady CG speaks of how she wants to save every vampire she can from having to go through what she did as a young vampire. The book is her way of making common vampire occurrences, such as becoming a vampire or learning you’re a vampire, and Second Awakening, easier for those that are going through it. Lady CG went through most of her awakening and adjusting to being a vampire alone. But despite some of her more troublesome experiences, she has still climbed to prominent stature among her community as an authoritative voice on all things vampire, especially when it comes to modern vampires.

The book has real, practical advice for real vampires but Lady CG manages to still inject her warmth, compassion, and humorous tone throughout the entire book. And it’s all written by someone who has been there, done that, so readers are sure to find all the advice that they need. Even though the book was published in 2005, it still continues to be one of the top sellers on Amazon. In fact, at the time of writing this post, there were only 2 copies available up on the website. Guess there are a lot of vampires out there that need help adjusting. And they’ve found just the book to help them do it!


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