Need Some New Vampire Apps?

What better thing to do when you’re on the bus or waiting in line somewhere than taking out your pretty little mobile device and playing some kick ass games? The only way you can make that better is to make sure that the games you are playing include some of our most favorite fanged friends. Here are some pretty awesome games that will give you your fill of the undead, and let you have some great fun too!

Vampire Transformer is one of the most popular vampire apps for the iPhone or the iPod Touch. Take a picture of  yourself or your friends and upload it to give yourself fangs, blood splotches and of course, super pale skin. [iTunes]

Vampires on MySpace will give you all the challenges every good vampire game should. Collect blood and energy points, have the most fun killing your enemies, start a clan, and more! [MySpace]

m:Vampire is a game that’s mostly associated with Nokia phones. But this game actually spans across Facebook, the iPhone, and other android/G1 phones. [Wireless and Mobile News]

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. First it was a book, now it’s being made into a movie, and it even has its own iPhone app! Step into Honest Abe’s shoes as he slaughters vampires and you advance levels! [iTunes]

Twilight Tracker is an app that all Twihards will have to have! This app, also available from iTunes, will keep you updated on all your favorite characters from the movies, let you share your love of the movies with other fans, look at movie stills, and so much more. Unfortunately, this app only applies to the movies, not the books (unless you’re just talking to other fans of course.) But still, a very cool app, and available for only $0.99. [New Moon Movie]

There are tons of cool apps that you can buy or even get for free for just about any mobile device that you have. But it still seems pretty clear that in the land of apps, the iPod still rules. At least in the way of variety and the number of them available. The others are definitely worth checking out too though so, have fun!

– Kate


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  3. I actually have the Vampires app from Myspace and the Vampire Transformer app from Itunes! Vampire Transformer is a lot of fun, especially cause my friends and I love them, so it’s cool looking like a Vampire! The Vampires app is also a lot of fun cause I have a clan now and attacked many people on it!

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