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Netflix CASTLEVANIA Poster Released

You heard there was going to be a CASTLEVANIA Netflix series, right? I seem to recall that I reported on it previously. I report on so many things vampire-related, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with them all. Anyway, in case you hadn’t already heard—SPOILER ALERT—there is going to be a CASTLEVANIA Netflix series! It even has a poster. That’s it, displayed right above these very words. You can’t miss it. Looks pretty groovy, dunnit? I’m told that’s supposed to be Dracula’s Castle depicted therein. I dig it.

If you’re like me and you never played CASTLEVANIA, yeah, it was a video game. It came out in the 80s, for the Nintendo game system. It wasn’t as “over” as Super Mario Brothers, but I do recall seeing ads for it in the back pages of comic books. Considering my great love for all things vampire, it’s kinda surprising that I never got around to owning one of those chunky game cartridges with CASTLEVANIA emblazoned on its surface. Alas, I was a wee bairn in those days and my allowance wasn’t all that substantial. Ah, well, I can just wait and check out the series when it debuts sometime this year. It’s supposed to be “super violent” and is being written by comics guru Warren Ellis, who does super violent really well. It is promised to “flip the vampire subgenre on its head” and that “it will end the streak and be the western world’s first good video game adaptation.” Them’s mighty big words. I hope the series can live up to them.

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TheCheezman • March 10, 2017

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