New Black Vampire Film – ‘Octavia: Elegy for a Vampire’

“…a cubistic portrait of a woman trying to come to terms with the perennial problems of racism, misogyny, and the startling lack of consciousness in the world…”

I think the world is ready for not just a new female vampire movie, but a black female vampire movie. The film claims to illustrate not just vampire stuff; your typical run, chase, seduce, eat/drink blood and all that. It promises to deliver a visual glimpse of the life of a black woman who has endured the degradation of Black Americans through history.

This is an opportunity to see something original; black filmmakers are often limited to depicting social culture in either the past or present, with flashbacks between the two, however, this is a rare opportunity to take a character from point a, to point b, with no stops in between. Anyone else out there excited to see this film?

By annimi

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