New Contest! Chazz deMeyer Exclusive Interview for Vampire Love!

No, it’s not poetry, –it’s an awesome album inspired by shows like True Blood, and the Twilight films, and novels. The title track of the album is my favorite, ‘Vampire Love’, –but the whole CD is pretty awesome. Chazz deMeyer has kind of a trippy, blues-y electronic thing going that really fits the True Blood music style.

Check out the contest details below the interview for more information on how you can win the Vampire Love album!

Chazz deMeyer Exclusive Interview

Q: Tell us about Vampire Love, from your own perspective; was there any particular message you wanted to send to vampire fans?

A: When ever I start to write a song I usually complete the music before I start writing the lyrics.  Most people find this odd, but the completed music seems to force me into a direction that easily falls into place.  I was driving a long distance to a family reunion, listing to the music track, and the words Vampire Love suddenly fell into place.  I pulled over to let my wife drive and the lyrics flowed out effortlessly.  I couldn’t wait to return to my studio to apply them to the tracks.

To me Vampires, although infinitely more powerful than us humans, also are frail and succumb to many of the pitfalls of life that most of us share.  Vampire Love is a song about the love between a Vampire and a human with all the subtleties and nuances of any true love romance.  The message is classic, we always fear what we don’t understand, and all too often never take the time to see beyond the initial response.  I believe this new series of Vampire stories takes us to that next level for us humans as well as Vampires.

Q: We have to know, –what’s your favorite vampire movie?

A: Well, the one that scared me the most was “Bram Stokers Dracula”.  For me it embodied all the horror and fear of vampires I envisioned through my childhood fascination with the super natural.  Although the time period coincides what many of us that are older may embrace as ‘the age of vampires”, the stage directing and lighting brought the stark un-reality to life.

Secondary, I love the “Underworld” series.  I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for special effects with a strong story line!

Q: This album is both macabre and romantic; can you say what the inspiration was behind a few of the songs?

A: Sure, I’ve pretty much talked about VL, but “Love Type” also carries that vampire element.  It’s a play on the words “blood type”.  The same attraction that Edward of “Twilight” and Bill of “True Blood” could not suppress for their lovers, the same hold true for us non-vampires.  The analogy that love is in our blood and DNA might account for our overwhelming, and somewhat uncontrollable emotions when we find our true soul mate.  Incidentally, I’ve found mine!

The Song “Forever” also romantic, but searches the possibility of two people that have always been together throughout time, and will always find each other for eternity.  The line “love this strong takes more that one lifetime” gives us that possibility.

Q: Were there any particular scenes in Twilight, True Blood, or other vampire shows/books/films that inspired lyrics or whole songs?

A: Vampire love was inspired after falling in love with the HBO series “True Blood” and reading the “Twilight” series of books.  It was the perfect combination of true love and the super natural.  For me it viewed Vampires human side, after all they were once human.   Putting aside all the old stereo type images of Vampires and giving us a deeper perspective into there forever “every day life”, fears, dreams and conflicts.  Although quite cheesy and camp at times, what I gleamed from the series that Vampires can actually fall in love, and to me, love is the most powerful emotion on earth.  Perhaps more powerful than a Vampire’s thirst for blood!

Q: It wasn’t too long ago that you experienced some real life horror of your own, and conquered it; can you tell us a little about the accident, and the book that followed your convalescence?

A: OK, when I was a young boy in the 60’s I was talented enough to play and tour with some bands with national exposure and moderate success.  Unfortunately, I was in an automobile accident that left me paralyzed from the neck down.  I was twenty four at that time.  It was a dark time in my life, but good fortune came my way and I recovered most of the use of my right side, and very limited use of my left side.  Pretty much like a stroke victim.  But as bad as that might sound, I found my soul mate.  She was a student therapist at the rehab I was at.  It was love at first site, and we’ve been together for thirty three years now.  So you can see where the romantic in me comes from.

We have a great life together, but I sometimes wonder if I could have made my mark in music if things turned out differently.  The decision to write, record and produce seemed obtainable at this later time in my life.  I wrote “Recovery” as a catharsis.  I never expected it to turn out well, or that it would open up the possibility of a career once again in music.  The entire album is about my life before and after my accident.  Elly, my wife, convinced me to write the book “The Fire Within” and tell the whole story in detail.  I’m glad I did, it was the best therapy I’ve ever experienced even though it’s thirty three years later.  The book has moved many people, which surprised me mostly because I never thought myself, or my accomplishments to be extraordinary.  Here’s a little plug, both the book and CD’s are available on my website:

Q: This is the second album since your recovery, do you feel that Vampire Love symbolizes any important landmark in your life so far, or was this just a creative effort that happened to come out really well?

A: Interesting question.  I’ve always felt any accomplishment is an important landmark.  In fact, I’ve always set forth my life around obtaining my goals, and of course accepting any of the results that may have fell short of them.  But, on the other hand I’ve put a great deal of time and effort into Vampire Love and it was important to me that technically as well as creatively it would be the best I’ve done to date, and for me it is!  This is a difficult time to market music, there is so much of it.  If I had to judge my success by sales than I guess I’ve had very little, but if I only judge my success to my personal satisfaction, then the Vampire Love CD is a hit.

Contest Details

If you want to snag a FREE copy of this album, go to Chazz deMeyer’s Myspace and listen to the song Vampire Love. Count the number of times the words “vampire love” are sung, then email the number to It’s that easy! The first TEN correct answers will win!

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