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New DRACULA Images

The three-part BBC miniseries DRACULA will air on New Year’s Day on BBC1 with the next two episodes following on January 2nd and 3rd. Thus far we’ve been shown a teaser trailer, and now we have some still images to enjoy. Let’s unpack those, shall we? We have Dracula (portrayed by actor Claes Bang) looking bloody, in a staring contest with a nun.

There are bars in the foreground, but you can’t say for sure if Dracula is supposed to be behind those bars, i.e. locked in a cell, or if he’s on the outside of them. In the other picture with nuns he is not locked up but he does remain shirtless, possibly nude. What is Dracula doing with those nuns?

What else we got? We get to see Jonathan Harker and several characters whose identities are either unknown or who are named but whom I do not recognize from established Dracula lore. Dorabella, Olgaren, Piotr, Captain Sokolov, Dr Sharma; these are not characters from the novel nor from any of the well-known movies. And the little girl whose face Dracula has clamped in a vice-like grip (or so it appears).

The linked site alleges she might be the Mina character but she looks far too young for that. There has been no suggestion that the Dracula character in this miniseries is supposed to be a pedophile.

To judge from these pictures, the series will spend more time focusing on what happens onboard the DEMETER than most Dracula productions. I’m good with that.

Lastly, there is one thing, one important thing, this new series appears to be getting right—Dracula wears a cape!

TheCheezman • December 15, 2019

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