New Extended True Blood Season 4 Promo!

Seems like you have to be either royalty or a super-high powered network executive to get ahold of any good True Blood season 4 action; then again, on the other hand, after seeing so many promos and videos, it’s hard to want to see any more. We don’t want the show to get ruined for us, by watching a ton of previews… It’s still awesome to get an extended peek into the series though. Especially since the book this season was inspired by is long thought to be one of the best in the entire series of Sookie Stackhouse novels. Oh well, at least the gods of television have seen fit to deliver to us a new video. And that’s what counts. Check it out below, and if you want another look at the ‘official’ synopsis they released, check out Dread Central.

It looks like a fair portion of this season of True Blood will focus on vampire politics; how the vampires can keep America from turning all medieval crazy on their asses, –if you read the books, you might remember that after vampires came out of the coffin, some countries turned on them and hunted them to extinction within their borders. With America’s militant, but tolerant social ideals, it’s the perfect ally, and a dangerous enemy. Vampires realize this and so they are kissing serious ass in the US.

The problem is that witches, just like in the Vampire Diaries, don’t have any particular love for vampires, because they see them as unnatural, –and witches are all about the balance of nature. So while the vampires are running around, kissing human ass to look good, witches are trying to counteract the effect by practicing ‘necromancy’, an art of magic that deals specifically with controlling the dead. And vampires are technically dead. So the witches that have entered the scene are taking this chance to make vampires look bad.

How this will all work out with Eric, one of the frontmen in the vampire community, and a power player in vampire politics, having his memory erased, has yet to be seen. Not to mention, Bill’s current stance as an opponent of the Queen of Louisiana, Sophie Ann. Then there’s Sookie, caught in the middle of it all, with her own local problems as well; trouble between her and Bill, her brother’s responsibility in Hotshot, Arlene’s baby-daddy drama, Tara’s disappearance, and Lafayette’s potential involvement in magickal mania. It’s going to be a busy season!

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