New Moon is Promotion Crazy!!

What’s the best thing about one of the greatest movies of all times about to be released? That we get to see our favorite stars doing crazy promotion in order to gear up their fans! Like Twi-tastics need any more reason to go crazy over this movie. Fans can get their fill of the characters Edward, Bella, and Jacob by watching the Early Show November 18 – November 20.

Starting out the lineup is Robert Pattinson, who will appear on the morning show November 18. He really has to be first, doesn’t he? Otherwise all those teenage girls would only hear gibberish whilst searching for signs of their heart-Rob. Next up is Kristen Stewart, who will provide feeder for the hatred fodder she’s got going among those same teenage girls. She shows up on November 19 to do her bit for promo. Then, on the 20th, Taylor Lautner brings up the back of the pack by making his appearance. Why is it that Jacob always has to come in last? But on the other hand, he appears on the day the movie opens so that says a lot for those on Team Jacob!

I can’t even get enough of seeing the preview on television so three mornings of talking Twilight, all in a build up towards seeing the movie, who’s not going to see New Moon on November 20?


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