New Super Long True Blood Preview Released!

Rather than a series of three, super short videos of peeks into the next episode, this week they’ve released one long video that shows some of what’s going to happen over the next few weeks. We are, after all, almost halfway through the season. The figurative shit is going to start hitting the fan, –as if it already hasn’t. There’s a lot going on; many fans believe this season is based on one of the best books in the entire series, and they’re not alone. I loved the fourth book, and it looks like the fourth season might not be as disappointing as we thought it would be when the fairies started popping up, and the new cast members began being announced. Check out the preview below!

Well, first of all the best thing about the preview is that, after watching the entire thing, I was totally thrilled to note that the fairies never showed up. Not that I’m naive enough to think they won’t make another appearance here fairly soon. I just.. was happy that they didn’t. On the other hand, I did notice something that did annoy me. Tara turns traitor in the coming episodes, because it looks like vampires, specifically Pam, kill her girlfriend. This is yet another way to keep an inconsequential, totally annoying character in the loop. And guess what? Tara’s a victim again. Waah, waaah, waaah. I actually have a short anecdote about what an inappropriate cast member Tara is. The other day, I checked in to the hotel (my glamorous day job) a fellow True Blood fan. We got to talking, and almost instantly bonded, –on a purely television preferences level, –on the fact that we both think Tara is an obnoxious, boring, predictable character who should be delegated to the backburner asap. Are you listening Alan Ball? This is us, your fans, telling you, Tara has got to go, she sucks.

On a more cheerful note though, it’s good to see Sookie and Jason talking about his er… recent lifestyle change. Though in the next few weeks it looks like Jason’s story is just a small piece of the pie. Nan Flanagan, Eric, Bill, and Sookie, all look like they’re having serious issues with Marnie, who has her followers back, and she’s grown to embrace a very militant attitude towards vampires. Or maybe that’s just the witch possessing her talking? Either way, it also looks like two characters may end up dying… Jessica, and Terry Bellefleur. What do you guys think? Could Terry or Jessica die? Which one is more likely, –or could it be both? Or neither? And who would you be saddest to lose? I’m saying Terry. He’s such a sweetheart…


They finally added the other videos! Yay!

Tara Receives a Visitor

Lafayette and Jesus Visit His Grandfather

Andy Lends a Hand

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