New True Blood Promo Shows Russell is Back and Coming for Sookie

Season five of True Blood won’t premiere until Sunday, June 10, but the folks behind the show know that “Waiting Sucks.” So they released a new clip from Season 5 and it’s pretty intense (see clip below).

The new “Waiting Sucks” promo for True Blood’s season five is a 1 minute 13 second long behind the scenes clip of filming. The clip takes you inside Sookie’s kitchen as werewolf Alcide comes to warn her about Russell Edgington, which shocks Sookie because she thinks he is dead.

The clip shows Alcide telling Sookie that Russell will come after her, and that for her own safety, she should come with him. Sookie doesn’t seem to want to listen though.

Truebies also get a quick look at a very angry Lafayette, who appears to be staying at Sookie’s house. “Get the fuck out of here wolf,” Lafayette threatens as he storms into Sookie’s kitchen. “How the fuck do you think you’re going to protect her from an ancient, pissed off vampire?” he shouts at Alcide. “We’re done with all this supernatural bullshit you heard me? No vampires, no ghosts, no witches, no Maenads and no fucking werewolves.”

Yeah, things get pretty heated. The last we saw of Lafayette he was dealing with the death of his boyfriend Jesus. Maybe all the magical drama and death has pushed him over the edge and he no longer wants anything to do with the supernatural.

But enough teasing you, check out the clip for yourself:

Season five of True Blood airs Sunday, June 10 and 9:00 p.m. on HBO.

What are your thoughts on the sneak peek of Season 5 of True Blood? Are you looking forward to the Russell drama? Do you think Sookie should go with Alcide? Let me know in a comment below!

– Moonlight

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