New Vampire Diaries Promo Video!

…And it’s a long one too! Last night, right after a re-run, the CW apparently took pity on us, because we’ve been waiting ages during the season break, for a new episode of the Vampire Diaries. They ran a video, which according to the morning bloggers, combined a bunch of scenes from the last few episodes of the show. Although this obviously isn’t a substitute for an episode, it’s still pretty damn nifty. Especially since there’s only six more days until the next episode of the Vampire Diaries. It’s -finally- April, and personally, I’m surprised we made it. I thought for sure I’d wither away and die before I got to see the rest of the season, but no, –the gods of television are apparently, smiling down on us all. Check out the new Vampire Diaries preview, below.

Ace Showbiz reported the new promo earlier this morning, and we thank them heartily for bringing it to our attention!

At the end of a repeat of episode “The House Guest”,” released a promo for the next six episodes that will lead to the second season finale. Kicked off with the footage of Isobel’s return in April 7 episode, the promo went on with Bonnie questioning her fate and Damon preparing to tell a hard cold truth.

“Vampire Diaries” went on a hiatus after February 24. When it comes back, Isobel arrives unexpectedly and her visit upsets Jenna. Meanwhile, Bonnie tries to harness her ancestors’ power through a spell, and Matt informs the sheriff that his sister was killed by a vampire.

Speaking of Isobel, showrunner Julie Plec told Showtracker, “Isobel and John are going to have a parental sit-down with Elena expressing that they have an agenda that they believe will keep her protected.” And when they do, Elena has “to decide whether or not either of them can be trusted.”

In addition, Plec said, Stefan and Damon “will find themselves going up against each other and becoming increasingly more at odds about method.“”

Well, lookie there: we get not only a new video, but some plot sneak peeks too! I’m not surprised about Damon and Stefan fighting more often; they’re always fighting over something. What’s more surprising is the short bursts of brotherly love that spontaneously pop up every once in a while. The promo, 48 seconds long, reveals a lot more than the 20 second promos that we usually get. And Damon’s moment at the end, with Elena, is tres hot. There’s still no word on whether or not there will be a season three, but I think it’s fair to say that fans everywhere have their fingers and toes crossed in hope. What did you guys think of the new trailer? And is anyone having a party to celebrate the new episode? …if you’re not, then you should seriously consider it. Especially those of you who live near me and have gigantic HD televisions.


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  3. i seriously cant wait till the new episode! when i learned that we wouldnt be seeing anything new till april i didnt know what i would do. ive been biting my nails in anticipation to see what happens, especially since Isobel is back in the picture. *fingers crossed for Thursday to come*

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