New Vampire Game! “A Vampire Romance: Paris Stories”

“Leila Saraostre has just moved to Paris and has fallen for the mysterious Uriel Rothven! Experience a Vampire Romance!”

I love these little point-and-click adventure games, –for a while there, I was a huge fan of all things Diner Dash and I’ve been playing the Nancy Drew series faithfully for years. Then when the Charlaine Harris vampire game was released, Dying for Daylight, I adored that one and played through it too. So I did actually get addicted to vampire theme hidden object games too.

Now there’s a new one out; this one is called A Vampire Romance: Paris Stories. The game is only rated two out of five stars by the players on Big Fish Games, –which means the graphics are simplistic, the storyline and captions are probably riddled with typos and grammatical errors… but! for the die-hard hidden object addicts like myself, we’re dedicated enough to pick this one up anyway.

By annimi

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