New Vampire Reality Show! …Sort Of

Sick of watching overzealous alt chicks, bikers, and circus people in Miami Ink, and all the other billions of tattoo reality shows out there? Finally, a show about real vampires with real needs: reliable fangsmithing. Well, there was actually a reality show on the Sci-Fi channel a few years ago that featured a vampire, a witch, a voodoo woman, and a few others; it was called “Mad Mad House“, and I quite liked it. Check out a few episodes when you get a chance. Sabretooth LLC is one of the oldest and most trusted fangsmiths out there, –they’ve got locations all over the world, not just in the U.S., but in France, and Japan. Father Sebastiaan, who, I’m guessing, is not a kindly old priest with cookies, runs the Sabretooth business. The show will follow the customers of their shops, and introduce the kinds of people who get fangs, –who in many cases, are fairly deceptive.

Here’s a few more details from their press release, on

FangShop is a reality TV show and documentary series inspired by LA / Miami Ink, Pimp my Ride and Taxicab Confessions.  Yet, instead of featuring tattoo artists we will be exploring the customers of Father Sebastiaan’s fangsmithing business SABRETOOTH.

Filming started in September 2009 in Paris and planned locations of filming will include the Sabretooth Emporium at the Halloween Adventure Shop in New York City, Osaka Japan, Zagreb Croatia, Berlin, Amsterdam, London and New Orleans.

Sebastiaan’s profession is known as “Fangsmithing” and are professionals who work on making custom made fangs.  This term coined by the Fangsmith Maven in the late 1990s has become synonymous with this art.

The show will be focusing on the diversity of people who obtain fangs from SABRETOOTH and their stories.  The clients range from computer programmers, musicians, DJs, artists, dancers, porn stars, pinup girls, tattoo artists, body piercers, body mechanics, burlesque dancers, burners (Burning Man people), moms, dads, lawyers, drag queens, etc.

Sebastiaan considers his work to be not only a form of art, but a profound experience unlocking childhood dreams, primal natures and intense experiences.  He has described his fangs as the ultimate sex toy, a great conversation breaker and the best Halloween costume possible.

The first episode is currently in production and each episode will be 23 minutes, available with previews on Sabretooth’s YouTube Channel ( and downloads from ITunes.  Expect the first episodes to be available in February 2010.

If you are interested in being filmed for FangShop please email the director Rafaela at or Father Sebastiaan at  We are also looking for professional correspondents and film crew interested in getting involved in locations we are not able to film personally.”

They’ve conveniently forgotten to add the most obvious category of people who patronize a Fang Shop: real vampires. Not necessarily goth kids, but people in the real vampire community, and its various levels of subculture. It stands to reason that some of these people would be moms and dads too. In any case, it does sound very interesting, and it gives one kind of a happy warm feeling to know vampires and vampire lovers are growing in number; soon, we might even take over the world.

By annimi

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  2. The more we “show off” our way of life, the more we break the FIRST rule of the Black Veil…ironically enough synonymous with Sebastiaan himself. I say tisk, tisk…shame, shame.

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