New Vampires, Vampire Hunters and MANY More Coming to True Blood Season 5

Boy do I have some fangtastic True Blood Season 5 casting updates for you! Loads of amazing new characters have been revealed – from child vampires to over-the-top vampire hunters! Take a look below at the newest additions to the True Blood gang…

Joe Bob
This new recurring character has yet to be cast, however, spoilers were revealed on this new bad guy in town. According to the casting call, Joe Bob is a trashy redneck, an anti-vampire terrorist who wears an Obama mask to hide his identity. We can expect to see him shooting a vampire with a hunting rifle and holding his victim prisoner.

Alexander Drew (played by actor Jacob Hawkins)
Alexander will be one of the new vampires we meet, a child vampire. He is said to be a hotheaded young vampire who was turned at the age of 9, he’s an Authority council member who loves cigarettes and tormenting his fellow council members.

Kibwe (played by actor Peter Mensah)
Kibwe is a Chancellor for the Authority. The story says that Kibwe hails from Africa and that he is working towards “mainstreaming” the Authority.

Claude (played by actor Giles Matthey)
A British fairy who may or may not be catching Jessica’s interest and attention in the upcoming season. Claude was previously played by Neil Hopkins in True Blood season 4.

Danielle (played by actress Jamie Gray Hyder)
According to the casting call, this female werewolf wonders how much longer a prisoner is going to last under interrogation. Whatever that means. It was also noted that this may possibly be a recurring role.

Dieter Braun (played by actor Christopher Heyerdahl)

Christopher Heyerdahl, who played an ancient vampire in the Twilight Saga movies, will now play one in True Blood. He will portray the recurring role of Dieter Braun, an ancient, powerful vampire who plays a large part in the intelligence of the Authority and especially enjoys enhanced interrogation.

Roman (played by actor Chris Meloni
The famous Chris Meloni has been cast in the role of Roman. According to reports, Roman is an ancient, powerful vampire who holds the fate of Bill and Eric in his hands. Also, his character is the mastermind of the mainstream movement.

Rikki (played by actress Kelly Overton)

A major recurring role, Rikki is a dirty, but beautiful werewolf who demands to know what has happened to the pack leader.

J.D. (played by actor Louis Herthum)

Another major recurring werewolf role, J.D. is a large Marine-like werewolf who refuses to bow down before the new pack leader.

Salome (played by actress Valentina Cervi)
A major recurring character, Salome is an ancient vampire who is a world class seductress and fiercely intelligent. She is also said to be a bit insane. She is the most powerful person in every way yet capable of hiding this power when it serves her purposes. Many people are speculating that Salome may be one of the big bad villains this upcoming season.

Annie (played by actress Dale Dickey)
Annie is the mother of dead wolfpack leader Marcus. Powerful and respected within the pack due to her late son’s position, Annie is determined to perform a particular ritual. As to what that ritual is, we don’t know. Hmmm…

Nora (played by actress Lucy Griffiths)

Another big character, Nora is Eric’s vampire sister (both were created by Godric). Nora has been described as being a beautiful and intelligent woman who plays a double agent within the Vampire Authority. In spite of being an intimidating liar, Nora loves Eric deeply, but has dedicated her life to a higher purpose.

That covers all of the BIG casting and character news on the upcoming fifth season of True Blood! SO many newbies coming to the show. I can’t wait! Which characters are you most excited to meet?

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).


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