New ‘Waiting Sucks’ Vid Features Jason Stackhouse …and a Surprise Guest!

I love the Waiting Sucks promos for True Blood, –I just wish there were more! And I won’t mention who the guest is just yet, but I’m sure most of you can guess. Jason is still as hot as ever, for sure. But! Before I show you the new Waiting Sucks promo, I’ve dug up a recap of Season 3, for those of us who are maybe a little lost, don’t have cable, or any re-runs saved, and need a refresher course on exactly where we left off in the series. The video’s also kinda long, –which is fine with me. The season finale was awesome, so I’m more than happy to re-watch some of the most puzzling bits. It amps you up to finally have your questions answered, as hopefully, they all will be in the new season… and then… there’ll just be more questions for season 5 to answer, and so on, until the end of time!

I know it’s a little petty, but honestly, the video kinda reminded me of how much I hate Tara’s new haircut, and how dumb I think it is that she clearly is being filmed cutting off her weave… why not just like, –buy more? Or get some extensions? Whatever. And wanting to know if Bill kills the Queen… and about a million other things. Damn. Oh well. Time for the best part! The new Waiting Sucks video, –with Jason Stackhouse and dun dun dun… Crystal Norris, who holds his hands and tells him “You ain’t sick, you’re just bein’ reborn… as one of us!” She sounds pretty cheerful about it too. Jason is tied to the bed, so apparently, there’s a whole lotta transformin’ goin’ on. Or about to be.

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