Newly Released Poster For ‘Dracula Untold’

‘Dracula Untold’ A Highly Anticipated Thiller. It takes a look back into the life of Vlad. Maybe it’s like a prequel to the days when he was a young doctor and then came across some Nosferatu…

Here’s a look at the recently released ‘Dracula Untold’ poster for the movie coming out this October to theaters.  Luke Evans looks very powerful in it, particularly with all those slain warriors at his feet. Love, love, love the cape disappearing into bats artwork, great work.  The ‘Dracula Untold’ movie details continue to be very hush, hush but we will share as much as we can as we come across them.


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  1. This pic of the newest Dracula story is soo cool! I love the way the image of the bat is evolving in the cape, that’s super cool and creative. Now-a-days there’s so many creations to the Vampire- long live the Vamps!

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